Frequently Asked Questions

Does the OrigynPlus Basketball statistically improve my game?

The OrigynPlus Basketball does NOT guarantee any specific statistical increase to any athlete's game. However, this basketball has been tested by over 1,000 different players and it has proven to increase muscle memory of proper shot formation and release, fingertip control, backspin rotation, and more. All of these aspects play a HUGE part in increasing shot quality, which can, in-fact, increase shooting percentages and statistics.

What do I do if my OrigynPlus Basketball is defective

If your basketball is defective, please contact the Origyn Sport Team within 10 business days upon the arrival of your basketball. Please send the team images and descriptions of the area(s) that you view as defective. The contact email for this process is [contact@origynsport.com]. The Origyn Sport Team will get back to you within 3-5 business days from the sending of your email to inform you if you are eligible for replacement. Defective basketballs can be returned OR replaced. This will be determined by the Origyn Sport Team. Please be sure to review our "Return Policy and Procedures" before contacting us, or requesting a refund.

What defines a defective OrigynPlus Basketball?

A basketball is eligible to be classified as defective if:
1. The basketball does not air up properly. Please provide video clips showing this issue.
2. Sections of the basketball arrive unattached from the basketball.
***Any other issues not stated that might be eligible to be classified as defective should be sent to the Origyn Sport Team at contact@origynsport.com.
3. The basketball does not bounce.

What is the difference between the return policy and the warranty policy, specific to the OrigynPlus Basketball?

The return policy states the rules to return your basketball for refund. The warranty policy states the eligibility for return/replacement based on the defectiveness of the basketball that may arise in the early stages of use. Warranties are limited to a specific set of circumstances that must occur for eligibility of replacement.

Visit the "Return Policy and Procedures" or the "Warranty Policy" page for more details.

How long will it take for my OrigynPlus Basketball to be delivered? 

The OrigynPlus Basketball is a BRAND NEW product. The Origyn Sport Team has worked diligently and relentlessly to master the design and functionality of the product. Because this product is brand new, we do not know the exact demand expectations. There will be a limited amount of 2,000 basketballs (1,000 per size) available upon launch. Any basketball ordered, 2,001+ will still be eligible for order, but will be classified as a "backorder". All "backorders" will be shipped out immediately once in stock. Due to high demand, production may take longer. The second batch of inventory will be stocked as soon as possible after the launch occurs.

When orders begin on September 17, 2021, the first 2,000 orders (1,000 per size) will ship within 2-3 weeks or sooner.
Any order placed after the first 2,000 orders will ship within 8-12 weeks or sooner.
***Delays are subject to occur based on freight lines, demand, production, and other factors.
***The status of orders will be updated to each customer frequently via email.

How do I get ahold of customer service?

You can contact customer service by email or phone.
Below are the methods:

Email: contact@origynsport.com
Phone (Call or Text): 317.348.0154
       *Text may be the most efficient*

The Origyn Sport Team will do their very best to get back to you within 3-5 business days or sooner.
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