OrigynPlus Basketball Release Information

Origyn Sport will officially be releasing their first product on September 17, 2021. The first product is the OrigynPlus Basketball. This basketball is a newly designed training tool that allows players to train the concept of feeling for the grooves on the basketball while playing and going to shoot. This basketball has deeper and wider grooves that allow players to really zone in on the location and feel of the grooves. When shooting, players should feel for the grooves and release the ball from their fingertips. This helps develop proper shot release fundamentals and technique. The grooves also help athletes to gain "fingertip control" while playing the game.

On September 17, 2021, Origyn Sport will officially release 2,000 basketballs for sale. 1,000 of the basketballs will be size 7 (29.5) and the other 1,000 basketballs will be size 6 (28.5). The first 2,000 basketballs ordered will be shipped within 2-3 weeks or sooner, depending on demand, and any order 2,001+ will be on backorder. These backorders will be fulfilled immediately upon production completion and arrival of goods to Origyn Sport. Please note that delays may occur due to high demand. Origyn Sport will update all customers frequently on the status of their backorder, ETA of shipment, and any other details. Customers will be able to contact Origyn Sport with any questions HERE!

Origyn Sport will make notify all website visitors when orders switch to "backorders".

*By purchasing a basketball, you are agreeing with these terms on orders.*

Learn about OrigynPlus Basketball HERE!